Our Mission

We are an exclusive global venture community, enabling operators/experts and founders to collaboratively build the best tech companies across Africa and Latin America.

What made Silicon Valley great was the flywheel effect of Founders giving back to Founders. Access to capital alone wasn't enough. Founders need to join hands and work together to ensure early-stage success. Historically, Founders had to be co-located to build robust, durable communities that created the fertile breeding grounds for some of today's tech companies.

But this is no longer the case.

The Next Silicon Valley will be a global, online community of Founders, Operators, Builders and Experts working together to capitalize, build, and distribute the next generation of category leaders.

Our Core Principles

  • Angel investing should be accessible to everyone, and we aim to bring the asset class to as many global Founders, Operators, Builders, and Experts as possible.
  • We aim to build the largest community of Founders, Operators, Builders, and Experts with a passion to solve Africa and Latam's biggest problems.
  • We structure our investments so as a community, we win together, and we lose together. 100% transparency. 100% Founder alignment.

Member Participation

We want our members to be active within our portfolio. Our members are encouraged to take board seats and advisory positions where they can add unique value to the company. Members often help with deal vetting diligence, and have direct Founder access where possible. All member engagements with portfolio companies are flexible, with no minimum time commitments.

Deal flow

Our deal flow is sourced from our deep network across Africa & Latam, the Hack Tu Startup and Hack The Deal Podcasts, and our online properties.