Prodigio Capital

We back the best founders in Latin America & Africa

Prodigio Capital syndicates seed stage startup investments. We invest $100-$500k per deal.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a syndicate?

A syndicate connects accredited investors with opportunity to invest in tech startups while also connecting founders with qualified investors.

What are the benefits of investing via syndicate?

Syndicates are best for active investors who want to select individual companies to add to their portfolio. For these investors, Prodigio Capital provides you with a steady flow of highly vetted tech startup deals in Latin America and Africa. We also take care of negotiating terms, performing due diligence, writing deal memos, hosting a webinar with the founder(s), and advising the special purpose vehicle (SPV) that holds the startup investment.

What is a SPV?

Special Purpose Vehicle used to hold the investment in the tech startup. We create a new LLC for each startup that we fund. When you invest in a syndicated deal, you're actually investing in a SPV. The SPV then owns a part of the startup company.

SPVs sound complicated. Why can't I just invest directly in the company?

The SPV allows us to aggregate funds from multiple investors into a block of $100k to $500k. Prodigio Capital is able to secure better investment terms by investing in a larger block. The SPV also represents a single entry in the company's cap table, which makes shareholder management much easier for founders.

Why is there a setup fee?

There is no cost to be part of a Prodigio Capital syndicate, but if you choose to invest in a deal the setup fee covers the creation and management of the SPV, Blue Sky filing fees, wire fees, etc. This fee is split pro-rata by all investors in a deal.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

$5000 per deal.

What is carry?

Carry is short for carried interest. Carried interest is the percentage of deal profits that get split with Prodigio Capital.

Do you have a Rolling Fund?

Our Rolling Fund is coming soon! Email us at to get on our waitlist.

Prodigio Capital

Seed stage startup investment fund focused on Latin America & Africa



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